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January 24, 2010
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(Contains: sexual themes)
AUTHOR'S NOTE:This is some lame fafic with almost close to mild Sexual yuri content. There isn't any decriptionsof sexual activity( maybe if you are lucky, perv) the main charaters aren't getting freaky.Um, also some bad words, mabye a wet thought here or there. Cus If you hate this crap, turn back! Don't own Teen Titans or anything. Also, ithis is part one.If you're good, you might earrn some cookies for reading my crappy shit! It's supposed to be soft core not full on text porno. That isn't my plan. My plan is to entrall you of how I wish the show was. Lesss fighting, more yuri. That's just me a straight girl writing por for lesbians and guys who like girl on girl or someone who wants a mild romance read. Whatever. Um… ti has a waning because I don't want to be slashed by people who don't understand free speech and free write. This is DEVIANTART! Deviant means  diverging sharply from a customary, traditional, or generally accepted standard, or displaying such divergent behavior. Anywhoozers, prepare for reading and the way you watch cartoons to be ripped to shreads by one person.

Saturday night, sme old same old. No one wants to kill them so every one takes it easy. The guys left for the arcade (as always) and leves Raven and Starfire alone. This is the night they realized…

Raven was walking down the halway, close to the bathroom. Star was just jumping out of the shower. And if you don't know heer, she is the friendliest and most open girl you would ever meet. And by open, she would even wlak out of a frikking shower ass nude when she isn't alone. Raven was deep into her old book (Pride and Prejudice suprisingly) and bumped into the bare orange girl. "Aaah! What is wrong with you? Why aren't you covered up?"
Starfire completely unaware of the situation, innocently says, "What? I did this all the time on my planet."
"You walked around nude on your planet? Weird."
"Holdon. I'll get dressed and we can have a girl's night in!"
"Yay." Raven muddered. The both of them went down stairs and Starfire shuffled throught the movies that they had.
"Nothing intresting. Hmm. What are these all the way back here?" she reached as far as her hand could reach. She was able to grab a case. "Lick Her Front Door: Missy on Betty Action?"
"No. Way. Those dicks have lesbian porn?"
"What's that?
"It's when two or more girls have sex with each other."
"Facinating. I want to watch it!"
"Fine but I don't want to be around when you do."
But somehow, she was watching it too. Starfire was looking with curiousness. That's kinda cute. She dosen't  undersatand porn,  she thought.
"Why would those girls do this with each other?Why would they do that while people filmed? Do they know?"
"Yes they do. People do this for money or to make themselves feel good.( author's note: "Haha get it?)"
The next day, the guys were gone, still." Where the hell are those bastards? They should have been here two hours ago." Raven  complained.
"Oh well. Let's go to the beach! It'll be fun!We can get a tan" Starfire gasped.
"I don't tan. Go on without me." Raven said , her lips pursed.
" Don't be a fuddy duddy! Put on that cute bikini I bought for your birthday!"
Raven groned. She hated that bikini. It was blue, her favorite color, but it was…suggestive. She put it on anyway. She turned around in the mirror. Ugh. My ass cheek is haging out and everything. The things I do for her. "I'm ready!" Starfire looked…well…not what you'd think.  She wore a pink and white striped strapless bikini. It was tight enough for someone to notice…espicially Raven. Her mouth dropped at the sight of her poorly dressed friend.  "What? Is this not the proper attire?"
"Um, yeah. Let's go."
When they arrived to the beach, Raven sat under the large umbrella while Starfire played in the water with some little kids. Hmm. She's so likeable. Look at her.Her skintight bikini. She dosen't realize her nips are showing. For some strange reason, I don't want her to.She looks better that- wait. What is wrong with me?!I 'm not sexually attraced to her, am I? No. that's-  "Raven!" her thoguths were inturrupeted by her newfound crush was bouncing towrds her and jumped her with a chaotic pounce. Raven found herself lying underneath her endowed friend.
"Uh. Wanna expalin this?" she gestured towards Star's errect nipples.
"Sorry. I guess I'm cold."
"Well, put those away, you'll poke an eye out." Starfire quickly wrapped a twoel over herself. She was still on top of raven. She quickly realized and stood up.Quickly, Raven and Starfire were up close. Face to face. Breathing each other's air. For 10 quick seconds, Raven look at her eyes. Starfire did the same. Raven's harsh, leve me alone or I'll fuck you up attitude. Starfire's  happy go lucky glad to be alive outlook. What is it that makes me want her? I hope to soon find out. Until then, this feeling is a secret
please dont reply this is mii sis' account and she dont know i read this stuff. dont reply at all!!!! plz and thx :D
guhd its really guhd!
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